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Dhanwantari Allergy & Asthma Clinic

Allergy & asthma are among the most neglected diseases. Anti allergic drugs like cetrizine, levocetrizine and others are easily available over the counter and widely misused!
Even Doctors who are not trained in allergy & Immunology tend to do mistakes and treat allergy & asthma symptomatically.

Did you know, allergy is curable!
1 in 12 child in India suffer from asthma varieties!
Allergic rhinitis is a warning sign of asthma development in future!

Is your child suffering from frequent running nose? Itching? Gets sick with seasonal changes? It may be allergic rhinitis or other allergic manifestation.
Treating allergy becomes necessary because 50% of childhood allergic patients suffer from asthma in adulthood.
Allergic manifestations like running nose, itching of eye, redness of eyes, skin allergies are infact indicator/warning signals of future diseases. To prevent the disease cascade and stop the disease from budding its important to cure the allergy.
Symptomatic relief from allergy gives temporary benefit but fails to stop the future disease.

Lack of allergist & Immunologist in Bihar was major cause of unawareness among people of Bihar regarding allergy & Asthma specialty.
“Dhanwantari Allergy & Asthma Clinic”, located @ Dhaka road near Chhatauni Chowk, Motihari, Bihar provides state of the art allergy & asthma care. World class facilities like spirometry to confirm respiratory problems, allergy tests to confirm specific allergen and immunotherapy to build up your immune system are available in motihari now!

People from motihari no longer need to visit Delhi, Mumbai or Bangalore to get super speciality treatment in Allergy & Asthma. This “Dhanwantari Allergy & Asthma Clinic” serves the people of Motihari, North Bihar in particular and also from Nepal & Other areas of Bihar.

The same speciality treatment is available @ much affordable rate and special discounts are provided for BPL families. Free consultation for poor people like rickshaw & Thela vendors.

Our theme “Healing Body Soul & Mind” describes the holistic approach of treatment regimen.


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