Does allergy Meds Raise blood pressure

Anaphylaxis is an immediate allergic reaction and can be dangerous. When symptoms are life threatening, such as severe drop in blood pressure, unconsciousness, dizziness, dyspnea (difficulty breathing), must be taken immediately. These include rapid administration of drugs such as epinephrine (adrenaline) to increase blood pressure – a drug that is injected or given intravenously. In rare cases, the patient required intubation (insertion of a tube through the mouth to the lungs) to provide breath or you may have even assisted mechanical breath. Frequently, it is necessary to administer fluids intravenously to increase blood pressure.

Developing anaphylaxis also include, antihistamines and corticosteroids to improve immune system response. In some cases, H2 receptor blockers (which reduce gastric acid secretion and blocks the receptors for allergy) are recommended as a combination drug with an H2 blocker antihistaminic offers better protection against histamines, the substances that are responsible for anaphylaxis. Asthma medications (inhaled medications or nebulizers) may administer in case of need.

Fortunately, when treated immediately, the symptoms disappear quickly during the day. There are other drugs besides epinephrine will be continued for three days or more to ensure proper treatment of the immune response, which shall be prescribed by the doctor.

Allergic Rhinitis

Most doctors use antihistamines to treat the symptoms of allergic rhinitis such as rhinorrhea (runny nose), sneezing, eye and nose.

It is recommended that the administration of antihistamines to be started before peak allergy season or the first symptoms or signs. Drowsiness is the most common side effect of antihistamines. Available and less sedating antihistamines, but they are more expensive.

Should be avoided at people who suffer from diseases that limits emptying the bladder (such as enlarged prostate), as these drugs may make it more difficult bladder emptying. May induce elderly, balance disorder or confusion.

Corticosteroid nasal sprays are effective alternatives to antihistamines. Examples of such sprays are Budesonide and Beclomethasone. When used regularly and for a long enough period to reach full effect, these nasal spray controls symptoms better than antihistamines. If irritate nasal spray nasal mucosa may be helpful then using saline nasal sprays or using some that is water based.

Some people trust cromolyn nasal spray that does not require a prescription and no cause nasal irritation and adverse effects are much smaller than other sprays. Cromolyn sprays are only effective if used before exposure to allergens. Thus, they must be used prior to exposure predictable and regular use (for example, several times a day).

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